Previsualization Basics for Animators



When Worlds Collide: Animation Meets Cinematography

How do filmmakers plan complex visual effects and animated sequences for major motion pictures? One word – Previs!

Previsual animation is used in all types of film and television, meaning that previs skills are extremely valuable whether you’re interested in working on animated films, live-action films, TV, or even games!

Learning previsualization is a great way to push your animation skills into a creative role earlier in the production pipeline. A Previs Artist starts with rough building blocks, just the storyboards or script, which they interpret into a 3D space through camera staging and animation. In this workshop, you’ll learn how animation and camera work are used to help take a project all the way from script to screen.

You’ll also build on your existing animation abilities by: learning how to read a script, planning a sequence, experimenting with cameras, and adding temporary effects. By the end of this workshop, you will have taken part of a script and created your own previs sequence!

Note: This is a fast-paced, exciting, and challenging course, and by the end, you’ll have 15–30 seconds of animation to add to your demo reel! Intermediate to advanced animation experience is recommended to get the most value out of Previsualization Basics for Animators.