Visual Development: Principles of Design



Visual Development Artists Create New Worlds

Visual Development Artists—also called Concept Artists—have a huge impact across the entire entertainment industry, from animation, to live-action films, to video games, and beyond! Their artistic visions help to bring some of the most iconic characters and worlds to a global audience.

Visual Development Artists determine the tone, mood, color scheme, and more for all the characters, environments, clothes, and objects in a film, game, or TV show. They dream up completely new worlds and bring them to life in the form of concept art, drawings and paintings that embody the creative vision for the project.

Learning the fundamental principles of visual development is an important first step. The foundation of visual development is shape design. Understanding not only the importance of designing with shapes, but also how best to use shapes to actually create what you’re envisioning is important. Shape design is among the most essential foundational skills used by any Visual Development Artist: Concept Artists, Character Designers, Environment Designers, etc.