Creature Animation: Fight or Flight



Learn Creature Animation: Fight or Flight

Dragons! Learn the animation mechanics of a fight sequence and essential flight mechanics with our Dragon rig. This advanced workshop takes your skill set to the next level by teaching you how to integrate believable creature animation with live-action background plates. We highly recommend that you take Creature Animation: Locomotion first so you have a solid understanding of the essential body mechanics of locomotion before taking Creature Animation: Fight or Flight.

The Industry Need

The entertainment industry is always looking for animators with a broad skill set and creature animation makes your demo reel a standout at studios like Industrial Light & Magic, Blizzard, and commercial and television FX houses that deal with realistic animation. Animation Mentor Co-founder and ILM Lead Animator, Shawn Kelly, describes why solid creature animators are needed.

Start Animating with Match-Moved Background Plates

Use our IRex, Hatch, Dragon, Ogre, Cat, or Lion rigs and start animating with 3 challenging exercises: a vanilla flight cycle, a creature behavior shot over a live action plate, and a 2 creature interaction shot over a live action plate. Use your choice of over five premade HD match-moved background plates that allow you to understand how to integrate your animation with live-action footage.