Introduction to Digital Painting



Capture the World Around You

The character, creature, environment, prop, and background designs that determine the look and feel of your favorite movies, TV shows, and games all probably started with a painting.

In Introduction to Digital Painting, you will learn to understand the basics of what makes a successful painting, to choose the right tools, and to apply these skills to your own interests and career path. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the painting process as well as time-saving workflows within Photoshop. Storytelling is also an important part of any visual medium, and you’ll learn how to use digital painting to share your own stories.

This workshop can be for students with little to no painting experience. Using Photoshop, we’ll start with the very basics of what is needed to create a successful painting using digital workflows. Students with traditional painting experience will also find value in learning how to transition to digital mediums.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have created a final illustration of your own design and gained valuable knowledge of the tools needed to keep refine your craft of visual storytelling.

Note: If you have some basic drawing skills, that’s great! If you’re less confident in your drawing or design skills, line art will also be provided for each assignment so you can fully participate in the painting exercises regardless of experience level.

This workshop utilizes Photoshop workflows and techniques for all demos. The Photoshop brushes used within the workshop will also be provided. Students may use any painting software package they choose, but note that the brushes provided are only Photoshop compatible. The majority of workflows and painting techniques can however be applied to any painting software package.